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Review: iShoot grip for X-Pro1 & X-E1

January 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

iShoot grip & X-Pro1 I received some questions after my last blog post about the grips on my X-Pro1 and X-E1. I bought these iShoot grips on Ebay after reading some online reviews. Most users thought they were better than the official Fuji ones. You have to unscrew the Fuji grip from the camera to reach the battery compartment / memory card. With the iShoot you can leave the grip on the camera when changing battery and memory card. Plus all you can use all connection ports on the camera like the usb and remote control port with the grip on the camera.

Fuji understood this too and released an updated version of their old grips with better accessibility to the camera ports and compartments. Maybe they will even release one with a battery compartment in the future?

But the iShoot has two other advantages over the Fuji ones, first the price (allthough the price difference isn’t that huge anymore) and second the iShoot ones function as a L-form quick release plate for Arca style tripod ball heads. It works like a charm on my Benro backpacker tripod.

The iShoot grips fit perfect on the cameras, a screw fits into the tripod socket and can be tightened with screwdriver or a coin. The grip is very rigid. Once attached, the grip adds a bit of weight and improves the handling. Which is why I needed a grip in the first place. When shooting on streets, I like to have the camera in my right hand all the time, so I can shoot in a second.
It gives a firm grip on the camera and I’m not afraid that somebody knocks it out of my hands during a rowdy concert when I’m shooting direct in front of the stage of even in the pit.
A firmer camera grip also improves the stability when shooting at longer shutter speeds.

Until now, I haven’t had a chance to test the Fuji versions. But if you are you are using a tripod a lot with your camera, than the choice is really easy…

The iShoot grip is a fantastic product at a competitive price.


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