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Created 15-Mar-12
27 photos
The Square Project 2.1
On most of my travels I give myself an assignment. It has to be something new, to think out of the box. To discover a new technique, a new style or a theme I never photographed before. Just for fun, to stay fresh.

In 2007 we planned a trip to Istanbul, Turkey. I noticed that the human element was almost absent in my landscape photo's. There were reminders of human presents; deserted cars, ruins and other remains, but no living human. Even my city scapes were mostly empty.
I did some street photography before, but somehow I needed a little more to get me started. The old Dutch saying goes something like 'restriction is the master of creativity'.
Walking in the streets of Istanbul I rembered an old book I once got with 4x4 prints of street photography. It seemed like a great challenge. I mostly shot with extreme wide angle lense, resulting in big wide, open landschapes. Working in a square frame meant I had to come up with completely different solutions for composition and framing.

It was one of the best assignments I gave myself, one that I never closed completely. Every now and then I hit the streets and get into the square mood...
Here are some of the results, a work in progress...
Istanbul, 2005Coney Island, 2010China Town SF, 2009Istanbul, 2005Folsom Street Fair, SF, 2009US-mexican border, El Paso, 2006Istanbul, 2005Key West, 2006Aman, 2008San Francisco, 2009New Orleans, 2007Anti Mosque protest, New York, 2010Pro islam protest, New York, 2010Metropolitan Museum, New York, 2010Folsom Street Fair, SF, 2009Las Vegas, 2008New Orleans, 2006Ferry terminal, Playa del Carmen, 2007Coney Island, 2010New Orleans, 2007