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Compilation of recent band promo shots

April 25, 2018
Over the years I shot a lot of promo photos for bands and artists. I still get a lot of request for it, so I seem to do something good. Although not always. One session w...
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Waers - concert

March 24, 2018
Presentation of a new local dialect rock band called Waers at Grenswerk cafe. More photos here!
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Yawpers - concert

March 14, 2018
When a friend of us wants to ride a train for six hours, just to see a band play in our town, you know there's something going on! We were planning to go the Yawpers show...
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Aloha Fest 2 - festival

February 25, 2018
The second edition of our own festival at Grenswerk, Venlo. With 2 of my favorite surf bands of all time: El Ray and Tremolo Beer Gut, both from Copenhagen, Denmark. Also...
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Top 2000 in Concert - concert

December 31, 2017
Sometime friends ask me if I want to take some photos of their bands at the next show. Well, no problem, if I have the time... And if I like the music. But when they ask...
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Phantom Four - album presentation

December 17, 2017
Yesterday we were invited at the presentation of the new live album by Phantom Four. I shot the cover and back photo's almost two years ago at the same location; Pacific...
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Terrorsaurs vs Aloha Sluts - concert

November 14, 2017
November 2017, Terrorsaurs (UK) and my band Aloha (NL) went on a two day rampage in the east of the Netherlands. Tyres where blown out on the highway, car windows where s...
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Groovy Gents - band promo shoot

November 08, 2017
Last weekend we drove to the Dordrecht to shoot the new band of former Stringcaster bassist Marcel, called the Groovy Gents. They play hillbilly versions of popular hits...
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