ArnyZona Photography | Compilation of recent band promo shots

Compilation of recent band promo shots

April 25, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Over the years I shot a lot of promo photos for bands and artists. I still get a lot of request for it, so I seem to do something good. Although not always. One session was rejected by the band, one of the photos is below.

JulesJules I still think it is a cool photo! But hey, the customer is always right! Lucky for me, it was the only complaint I ever got and some photo's ended up on album covers, like this one from Stringcaster. They chose the color version, but i think it is cool in black and white too:


If you need promo photos for your band or if you are a solo artist, contact me. I have a fixed price for a session of 2-3 hours on one location, including 15 shots and postprocessing. 

You can see the full compilation here!


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