ArnyZona Photography: Blog en-us (C) ArnyZona Photography (ArnyZona Photography) Thu, 26 Apr 2018 07:42:00 GMT Thu, 26 Apr 2018 07:42:00 GMT ArnyZona Photography: Blog 120 120 Compilation of recent band promo shots Over the years I shot a lot of promo photos for bands and artists. I still get a lot of request for it, so I seem to do something good. Although not always. One session was rejected by the band, one of the photos is below.

JulesJules I still think it is a cool photo! But hey, the customer is always right! Lucky for me, it was the only complaint I ever got and some photo's ended up on album covers, like this one from Stringcaster. They chose the color version, but i think it is cool in black and white too:


If you need promo photos for your band or if you are a solo artist, contact me. I have a fixed price for a session of 2-3 hours on one location, including 15 shots and postprocessing. 

You can see the full compilation here!

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Waers - concert Presentation of a new local dialect rock band called Waers at Grenswerk cafe.

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(ArnyZona Photography) band concert fujifilm grenswerk live rowena roeffen waers x-pro2 Sat, 24 Mar 2018 17:00:00 GMT
Yawpers - concert When a friend of us wants to ride a train for six hours, just to see a band play in our town, you know there's something going on! We were planning to go the Yawpers show at the Down by the River Festival organised by Grenswerk anyway. But when you can party with Mirjam, you don't want to miss it!
The Yawpers really blew everyone away with their mixture of hillbilly folk, punk and trash! One of the best shows of 2018 so far!

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Aloha Fest 2 - festival The second edition of our own festival at Grenswerk, Venlo. With 2 of my favorite surf bands of all time: El Ray and Tremolo Beer Gut, both from Copenhagen, Denmark. Also on the poster were Phantom Four (NL), Hell-O-Tiki (B), Los Apollos (D), Biarritz Boys (NL), Razorblades (D) and Aloha Sluts (NL). It is gonna be hard to top this bill next year (if we can do a third edition???). 

Ofcourse only Fujifilm photo gear where abused by Caro and me (X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X-T1 and a wide variations of lenses).

A big thank you to the Grenswerk crew and all the bands and fans!

And a big Fuck YOU! to the idiot who baptised my Guild guitar with a full bottle of cola!

Phantom FourPhantom Fourphantom four, surf, aloha fest, grenswerk, venlo, surfrock, frank gerritsen, niels jansen,

Hell-O-TikiHell-O-Tikihellotiki, Hell-O-Tiki, aloha fest, grenswerk, El RayEl Rayel ray, aloha fest, surf, surfrock, Aloha SlutsAloha Slutsaloha sluts at aloha fest RazorbladesRazorbladesrazorblades at aloha fest, grenswerk, venlo

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Top 2000 in Concert - concert Sometime friends ask me if I want to take some photos of their bands at the next show. Well, no problem, if I have the time... And if I like the music. But when they ask you to shoot a project that has songs of Queen, Fleetwood Mac... ehm.... (OK and Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen) I have to think twice. But there was such a great selection of local talent in that band, I just said YES! And WOW, what a night it turned out to be! Sold out Grenswerk and a band that played better than most of the originals!

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Phantom Four - album presentation Yesterday we were invited at the presentation of the new live album by Phantom Four. I shot the cover and back photo's almost two years ago at the same location; Pacific Park in Amsterdam. 
The line up of the band has changed in this period with new rhythm guitarplayer Kilian as a new eyecatcher on stage. Overal the band has gotten a more raw an raunchy edge which suits them good. Just before the show we dit a little promo shoot too, see photos below!

The album cover looks great:

Here are some shots of the evening:

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Terrorsaurs vs Aloha Sluts - concert November 2017, Terrorsaurs (UK) and my band Aloha (NL) went on a two day rampage in the east of the Netherlands. Tyres where blown out on the highway, car windows where smashed, speedtickets, broken I-Phones.... But we had a blast. Photo's where shot at Kafee de Splinter, Venlo and Cafe de Kroeg, Arnhem.

Terrorsaurs pics by Arny
Aloha Sluts pics by Caro

A big thank you to our friends of the Terrorsaurs!


Aloha SlutsAloha Sluts

More photos and video here!

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Groovy Gents - band promo shoot Last weekend we drove to the Dordrecht to shoot the new band of former Stringcaster bassist Marcel, called the Groovy Gents. They play hillbilly versions of popular hits and are highly succesfull with it. 

We had great luck with the weather and the colors really popped! |
Shot with Fujifilm X-Pro2 and X-T1 camera's, SamYang Fisheye and a variation of Fuji lenses. 

groovy gents -1499groovy gents -1499 groovy gents -1701groovy gents -1701

groovy gents -1570groovy gents -1570

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Slapback Johnny - band promo shoot Photoshoot with hi-octane rockabilly trio Slapback Johnny. Shot at the Palm Diner in Berkel-Enschot. Actually the kitchen of the bass player from my band wo had his birthday party that night. The Johnny's asked me if I had some time to do a promo shoot so we improvised a bit. It was one of the shortest band promo sets I did, finished in 20 minutes!

Shot with X-Pro2, SamYang fisheye and Fujifilm 14 mm f2. 

More photo's here, also from their live gig later that evening!

(ArnyZona Photography) . band band promo fisheye fujifilm johnny palm diner portrait promo slapback x-pro2 x-series Wed, 04 Oct 2017 13:45:00 GMT
Bert - portrait shoot Did a portrait session yesterday of Bert van de Bergh at his own bar Take 5. It was a shoot for the cultural magazine Buun which features a story of young Bert's adoration of Jacques Brel (of whom you can see a great painting hanging behind him). 
No artificial light, shot with Fujifilm X-Pro2 and 35 mm lens 1.4.



(ArnyZona Photography) 35 bergh bert den f1.4 fujifilm mm portrait van x-pro2 x-series Thu, 31 Aug 2017 13:15:00 GMT
Insect Surfers & Tomorrow men - concert Last wednesday we had the honor to host a show of two of the best surfbands from the USA: Insect Surfers and Tomorrow Men. We saw both bands play at Surfer Joe Festival in Livorno, last week. But to see them in my home town in a small bar was great! And the place was packed, even on a wednesday night!
I even got to sing (!) on a Insect Surfers Track! 

Insect SurfersInsect SurfersInsect Surfers @ Kafee de Splinter, Venlo TomorrowmenTomorrowmenTomorrowmen @ Kafee de Splinter, june 6 2017

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(ArnyZona Photography) band concert danny snyder fujifilm insect surfers jonpaul balak lorenzo valdambrini surf music tomorrow men x-pro1 Tue, 04 Jul 2017 14:30:00 GMT
May West - concert Our friends of May West (Rockabilly from Zeeland, NL) played the Splinter last weekend. As always great show!

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Razorblades - concert Another Aloha Fest presents show we did in Venlo. This time German surf punx, the Razorblades in our favorite bar Take 5. Thanx to Bert for having us!

Razorblades @ Take5, VenloRazorblades @ Take5, VenloRazorblades concert at Take5, Venlo, march 2017 Razorblades @ Take5, VenloRazorblades @ Take5, VenloRazorblades concert at Take5, Venlo, march 2017

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Aloha Fest - festival Wow what a great night last friday. We got to organize our own festival at local concert venue Grenswerk. Named after my own band Aloha Sluts, it featured 6 of the best European surfbands: Terrorsaurs (UK), Surfer Joe Band (I), Kilaueas (G), Biarritz Boys, (NL), Stories from Shamehill (NL) and of course Aloha Sluts. 

A big thank you to all the nice people from Grenswerk, all the bands that played and my wife Caro for support and shooting some great photos of my band. 

Kilaueas feat Surfer Joe playing The AstronautsKilaueas feat Surfer Joe playing The AstronautsKilaues featuring Surfer Joe at Aloha Fest - an evening of European surfmusic and culture Biarritz Boys feat Arny AlohaBiarritz Boys feat Arny AlohaBiarritz Boys featuring Arny Aloha at Aloha Fest - an evening of European surfmusic and culture The TerrorsaursThe TerrorsaursThe Terrorsaurs at Aloha Fest - an evening of European surfmusic and culture More photos here! 

(ArnyZona Photography) aloha fest aloha sluts biarritz boys festival grenswerk lorenzo valdambrini stories from shamehill surf surf music surfer joe band surfmusic terrorsaurs Tue, 14 Feb 2017 15:00:00 GMT
Ultimate Guns - concert Aloha Sluts are not the only band with a Venlo-Middelburg (Venlo, my hometown is on the German border in the east of the Netherlands and Middelburg is in the west at the sea). Ultimate Guns, the best Guns N Roses Tribute of Europe is also a Venlo-Middelburg cooperation! So when they sold out Grenswerk, I had to pay them a visit and brought my cameras ;-)

More photos here!

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Julia - band promo shoot Julia is a new local band around Bert van den Bergh, a veteran of the music scene in Venlo. We shot the photo's in and around Bert's own cafe, Take 5. For the indoor shots I used two LED-fill lights. The rest of the lights is the natural light coming in from the window and some spots already in the bar. 
Post processed in Photoshop Lightroom with filters and presets by me.


More photo's here.

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Stringcaster - band promo shoot Stringcaster is one most popular blue-grass bands from the Netherlands. They toured Europe and the USA and are releasing a new album soon. The shoot was for the cover photo of the new album.

The location is a nature park that is almost our backyard, the Groote Heide in Venlo. It used to be an airfield for the Luftwaffe in world war 2, from which the first jetplanes ever started. After that it was a training terrain for the Dutch Army. Nowadays it is a beautiful nature park. 

Shot with Fujifillm X-Pro1, Samyang Fisheye and Fujifilm 35 mm, f1.4. For some photo's I used a neutral gradual density filter from HiTech.

More photo's here

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Frankly - band promo shoot Did a promo shoot for Frankly, a local band with a new EP coming out soon.

More pics here: Frankly

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New book out now: Reverb, Twang & Fuzz 5 Years ago, I celebrated 25th anniversary of the first photo that I ever sold and the publication of that photo was also the first time I saw a photo of my hand in a magazine. 
It was a photo I took at a punk concert and it is a photographical genre I kept exploring since. To celebrate the anniversary, I put together my best shots of these 25 years in a book with the title 'Loud'. 

At that time, I never thought I would do a lot of music photo in the future. I was to busy shooting for travel magazines, doing reportage work and just tried to have fun with photography. It wasn't my first source of income. 

But two years ago everything changed. I picked up my guitar again and even started a new band. I refound my love for music, as a musician but also as a photographer. I think I shot more concerts the past two years than I did the 10 years before. 

So maybe it is time for a new book, a selection of the best concert shots of the past 5 years. And to make the selection easier, I narrowed it down to three musical genres: surf, rockabilly & garage punk. 

This book is a visual celebration of these three musical genres that stayed mostly in the underground for fifty years: surf, rockabilly & garagepunk. 
Each genre had it's hits and legendary artist (Dick Dale, Link Wray, Sonics, Elvis, Stray Cats to name a few) but most of the bands are popular in a select, small scene. A scene that keeps growing as the subculture keeps surfacing more and more in popular culture. 

Since I was a teenager, this was the music I listend to, and still do. I played in surf and garage punk bands and shot several bands for music magazines. I can't live without crashing spring reverbs, screeching fuzz guitars and loud drums! 

Last year I visited the Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Livorno, Italy, where I shook hands with some of the nicest people in the international surf scene. With some of them I kept in touch. Others commented on my photo's on forums like SG101 or on Facebook. Some even ordered a couple of my photo's through my website. One of them was John Blair. Mr. Blair is a music historian that wrote several books, some of them are considered standards. But he is mostly known for being the force behind the first revival of surfmusic in the late 70's with his band Jon & the Nightriders. I was truly honored that he liked my photo's and I got goosebumps what I got a mail from Brian of SG101. He visited John at home and mailed me that John had my pictures framed on his wall. But blushed like a little girl, when I got a mail from John on my birthday last december. He sent me the nicest birthdaypresent; a foreword for my new book!

You can order it here: in paperback, hard cover or e-book. 

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Phantom Four - shooting photo's for live album Dutch instrumental band The Phantom Four is one of the most critically acclaimed bands in the surf genre. But they don't play 'regular' surf music, Dick Dale style, no they combine oriental rhythms, exotic scales and more to an eclectic danceble mix. I shot the Phantom Four recently at the North Sea Surf Festival and after that the band asked me to come to the recording of their new live album at the Pacific Parc in Amsterdam. Great cosy hall / restaurant in the Wester Parc area. Only problem, it is not really a music venue. So no big stage and no bright lights. Halfway the show, the only light on the band was dark blue, not the ideal circumstances for concert photography. 

Thank got I brought a flash and a coupe of Phottix wireless flash triggers. That allowed me to place the flash anywere on stage and walk around with my camera looking for different angles. It gives a much more natural look than on camera flash (which I never use anyway). Using the flash with longer shutter times like 1/10 of even longer gives a more dynamic feeling to the photo's. You can see the movement on stage and the audience dancing, especially if you use wide angle lenses or even a fisheye.

One of the masters of this technique is Charles Peterson, his photo's of the Seattle grunge scene late 80's were as iconic as the music from the bands (Mudhoney, Tad and a unknown band like Nirvana to name a few). 
I used this technique a lot in the past, even before I got my first digital camera. And I still like the look of it, although it isn't so unpredictable as it used to be, since you can see the result on your LCD-screen nowadays...

Below are a couple of examples, you can see the whole galery here: 

Phantom FourPhantom Four Phantom FourPhantom Four Phantom FourPhantom Four Phantom FourPhantom Four

(ArnyZona Photography) Fujifilm X-Pro1 X-T1 concert flash phantom four phottix Wed, 11 Nov 2015 12:55:27 GMT